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 Using our Bronze modular panels, our customers have built some amazing cat enclosures:

Customer Photos


 "Just thought you guys might want to see what we did with our cage. We built a platform under it, which is on casters, and have five kittens living in it. Really works well."

Photo Submitted by Carol Strayer


Here is a marvelous example of how you can construct an outdoor cat cage using our bronze plus series panels. This configuration gives the cats plenty of room to move around and the shelving & stands added to the cage give them places to climb.

Photos submitted by Patricia


 "Just thought I'd send a photo of how I changed this model with the addition of 1 panal. Easy assembly very pleased with how project came out."

Photo Submitted by Karl Jensen







"I keep forgetting to send you a note of how much we love our outdoor cattery. It has made a huge difference in both the mental and physical health of the cats in our care. I would recommend your product to anyone who wants to give their cats a safe and secure outdoor environment. Besides having an outstanding product every person I came into contact with was exceptionally professional and just an absolute joy to work with.

I am hoping to expand some of our outdoor kennels for our dogs and OptionsPlus will be my first contact."

  • For the animals,
  • Lori Plummer
  • Executive Director
  • Humane Society Serving Logan County
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  • Bellefontaine, OH 43311
  • phone: 937-593-4277
  • fax:937-593-9270
  • www.hslc-pets.org



     Very nice outdoor cat cage by Ann Lesk of New York








    Photos by  Bettye Stephens, Dallas Texas




     Photos by Amy Shatzen


     " I just thought you’d like to know that I have spent many summer eves inside the kennel sitting with the kitties, as the height requirements of your kennel has made it very easy to sit outdoors with them. I simply put a lawn chair in the kennel and watch them play all about. I researched for almost a year online, various cat enclosures and have found your company’s product to be the very best of them all. The ease in putting it together (I did it all by myself) and the potential for creating new designs with the panels has made your product initially very appealing. After spending a full summer utilizing your kennel (as the starkittys used it daily), I have found it to be a very secure and extremely safe environment for my beloved crew. The wire bars are easily able to support several hanging beds which the cats constantly use. I completely trust your product and look forward to extending it in the coming year! "



    Viva Dana

    Here's the cat house we made with your panels. My cats love it! My husband made a raised plywood platform for the enclosure because of stray cats in the neighborhood (I don't want them too near my cats). I doubled up shadecloth for the roof, and attached it with cable ties. Your panels were extremely easy to put together, and are very sturdy, too. My cats and I both thank you!

    Lauren Kormylo

    Phoenix, AZ


     We have also recently ordered and received the 8'x8'x4' enclosure last month, and it is not yet set up, but here is a photo of a smaller enclosure set up from panels of the enclosure that we ordered from you two years ago.

    The enclosure is so helpful to have. Mr. Cat is FIV+ and cannot be allowed outside. He adores sitting in this enclosure. Tobias likes to kill and eat baby birds, so we also keep him inside during the spring and early summer. We have a total of six cats and a 9 pound dog, so the new enclosure will be great when it is set up. (We are also hoping to attach the new one to the back windows going into the DR, and somehow set up a way for the cats to come and go at will into the DR from the enclosure.)

    Martha and Albert Waltien

    P.S. One thing that I really like is the light weight of the enclosure. I am able to move this one around into the shade without assistance.





     Here is a very nice cat enclosure by Carole Gray of Stop the Suffering, Newark, OH. The cats can go up the carpeted steps and right out the cat door into the outdoor cage when they want to. Very nice work Carole!


     Hi - I wanted to email you to thank you for your help with my cat containment area. The panels are great and so easy to install. We had plenty of hardware which made securing the extra components to the top a breeze. It's wonderful. I am sure the fisher cats, fox and coyotes will not get in. Thanks for your help. The neighbors love the way it blends into the scenery.

    Linda Van de Car



     Photos by Lisa Jeffrey
    Spots on the Lake Cattery




    I put together the 4x8x6 enclosure with the top by myself, quite a project!! I also added two four foot long cedar shelves and two more 6 foot cedar shelves for the long sides. I have three cats who are very happy!! It is on my patio with trees everywhere for bird and squirrel watching. I used alot of cinch ties, dowels, and black metal shelf brackets and supports. Anyway,it turned out great. It looks very professional and neat and I am proud of doing it myself. Eventually I am going to put a plexiglass window with a cat door in the basement laundry room window so they can go in and out of the enclosure whenever they want. The kennel will fit right over the basement window well. My cats seem very content and love walking and jumping around and sunning themselves on the shelves. I finally had to bring them in because it started raining. I highly recommend your product. It is worth the money to have such a system. I did alot of searching around before getting a cat kennel from you. Thanks!!!

    Rebecca Leffler, Montana



    Dear Optionsplus,
    I am happy with our new cat enclosure, it is still a work in progress. Slow Walking Jones, who has been with us since 1998 is the lone occupant in these photos, but his daughter, Princess, a beautiful tortie, uses it too. He is not 100% thrilled at being restricted, but I love the fact that he may no longer go "stepping" in harm's way - my not knowing exactly where he is. I can now see him at all times from the kitchen window - much nicer arrangement.

    I have included a comfortable chair, he likes company when he is in there, preferably human, but the Princess will do at times. Since cats like cedar and climbing up high, we have two 2 x 4 x 12 pieces of cedar wood as an incline. There are lots of shelves, a nice basket on the brick tiles for a "cat nap" and I have both food and water "coop cup" connections attached at shelf level. In these photos there is food and water on the brick tiles - he liked it there. There are two tarps hanging on hooks outside the enclosure that can be used during inclement weather. I have bird and
    squirrel feeders on the outside for "Yard TV" - a little entertainment/stimulation is good. I'm glad that Slow Walking has never been a bird "catcher" but he does enjoy watching them. (The Bee is a bird feeder.)

    I love the roofing - it has kept the enclosure from getting soaked even with the rains and wind we got from the recent hurricane "IKE" - we didn't get
    the brunt of it, just a little peripheral weather. We may think about enlarging at some point. I heartily endorse your product.

    Bettye Stephens
    Dallas, Texas



    I received my cat enclosure on Friday. I set it up myself in just over an hour. My cats are thrilled with it. Every time they know we are near the door they run for us to pick them up and put them in it. I think when it is a bit warmer here in New England we will put three of the panels on the top and bring it up to the side of the house. We will make a walkway and leave the window opening up and they will be able to enter the containment system on their own. I must say I looked at MANY different systems from many different companies. I decided to order yours. I made a perfect decision. It is absolutely escape proof. No animal could get out, and no animal could get in unless you opened the gate and put them in. I was amazed at the size of the system I purchased. I have two small dogs who enjoy going in and spending time with their cat family. I have a chair in mine, several small rugs, a cat condo, a litter box, several toys, a small safe house if they want to hide. I can go in with a coffee and sit with the cats while they enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I must say after several hours outside yesterday, we all got more sleep last night. They did not do their usual night prowl, keeping everyone awake. I thank you for your wonderful cat enclosure system and your great customer service. Happy cats=a happy family.

    Joan Johnson

    Charlestown NH




     Thanks to your enclosure system, we have hundreds of cats that have enjoyed safely being outside.
    RescueCats, Inc.
    P.O. Box 142882
    Fayetteville, GA 30214


     Here is a great example of how a cat cage can be blended into the landscape of your property.

    Photos by Fred Isaacson


     This is the enclosure for our furry friend. We ordered it without two of the back panels. The bay window has a cat door insert in it which allows him to let himself in and out through the basement.

    Photos by Pete K in New Jersey


     I don't even have the shelves in yet but the cat was already anxious to be outside. And she obviously feels very safe since the raccoons are regularly checking her out and she doesn't even bother to wake up! This was the BEST PURCHASE I've ever made for my animals and I can't wait for our sun to arrive here in Oregon so I can even put the birds outside for a little sun and fun. I just feel they are all so secure thanks to your great product!

    Patti Lane


    Here is a great example of how a cat cage can be built to blend into your property. Photos by  Margaret Vincent of Louisiana. Margaret used our Bronze Plus modular panels to create this wonderful cat enclosure


    Photos submitted by Claire Fisk


    Thanks so much for your excellent products.

    Back in England we had a relative build a great outdoors cat run accessed by a window. Having brought the four Siamese and Havana Brown to West Virginia, and knowing we were going to be undergoing a huge re-model we reckoned your runs would fit in with our plans. We had the builders build a “tunnel” through a west-facing wall on to the new rear deck and now we have the cat pen up against the cat flap with 24/7 access. Last winter we had more than 3 feet of snow on the corrugated roof we got from you and everything held up just fine. The cats love to get their Vitamin D (sunbathe) on the shelves. We have a litter tray and water dish out there for them, and during spring/summer/fall, we have beds for them to sleep on/in. At night they enjoy catching moths and June Bugs.. by day, they will catch and eat flies! I give them handfuls of fresh grass to chomp on out there too. We have lots of bird feeders close by.. these are not bored kitties.. as you know, Siamese demand stimulation, and they get the big outdoors in total safety :^)

    I am comforted in the knowledge that our precious feline companions are safe from predators; they are safe from other cats and the diseases they could carry such as FIV.. safe from poisons and vehicle accidents.. safe from wandering off, yet they smell, see and hear the world as an outdoors cat would.

    You have a very satisfied customer.. now I am trying to figure a way to extend the unit past the rear deck and on to the lawn!

    I would like to add that this is shown BEFORE we got the corrugated roof secured.. we placed card over the top as a temporary sunshade. It also pre-dates putting the cat flap in.. the entrance is where the litter tray was in the photograph.

    Best regards,

    Caroline Snyder

    White Ensign Models, Unit 5 Cobnash Industrial Estate, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 9RW

    Tel 011-44 (0)1568 709149

    Fax 011-44 (0)1568 709182

    US (West Virginia) 001 304 872 4212


    WEM on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/White-Ensign-Models-Ltd/133782763306405?ref=ts

    WEM web site http://www.whiteensignmodels.com



     Sundance has two of your cages. One of the platinum which
    is set up on our deck and this is a lighter weight cage
    set up in the yard for summer.

    Photos by Kimberly Roush



    I just wanted you to know how great it has been having a bronze kennel for my cats, mine is a little more custom so it has the house as the back of it. I did that so they could get to it from the bedroom window. I got this from you the spring before last and it has been great. I don't worry about them getting hit by a car of killed by a hawk ( I have several of them flying over my yard daily ). I had tried several things before finally getting yours since it was more expensive but it has been worth every penny. My male cat has taking to using the flagstone as a litter box and I have been trying to figure out what to do. Of course you had a solution so thank you.
    Thanks Lisa Hayes


    Have some photos you would like to share of your cat enclosure? Send them to options@optionsplus.com and we'll add them to the web site.



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